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Episode 10: Do Blue Lives Matter?

 Join our guest Dr. Hedgeley, a former marine, and a police officer as he discusses and shares his experience...

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Episode 9: Surviving your Dream

Join us with our guest Meredith Thomas as she discusses the positives and negatives of being an actress and...

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Episode 8: What is the American Dream?

Join host Dr. Phil Dembo and his co-hosts Dr. B Thomas and Juliet Lemar and guest, Sam Ashkenazy, as they dive...

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Episode 7: Who’s Life Matters Anyway – with Roqy Tyraid

Roqy Tyraid is a hip hop musician from Phoenix, Arizona. Though normally traveling abroad or knee-deep in lengthy recording...

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Episode 1: Intimacy in the Virtual World

Intimacy can be vital to maintain a healthy social life. If you avoid intimacy, you may find yourself “isolated”.Well,...

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