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Back to School Special

In the midst of a pandemic going back to school can be an endless pool of obstacles. Hosted by...

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Parental Value

One's parents can be some of the most important people in shaping the rest of a person's life. In...

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Free your mind and your ass will follow

Together, Life mentor Gary Chappell and host Dr. Bee Thomas dive into the topic of mindset and how it...

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Pink Lady: Edition

Joined by Dr. Phil Dembo, Sam Ashkenazy, Juliet Lemar, and Dr. Bee, the Pink Lady discusses her philosophies of...

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Life’s a Drag with (Laganja Estranja/Jay Jackson)

Jay Jackson-(Laganja Estranja) walks us through the steps of being a choreographer and drag queen in Los Angeles while...

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A Stripper, a Felon, and a Rapper walk into a podcast

Roqy Tyraid, Elle Stanger, and Jen Myers join Host Dr. Phil Dembo as they dive into the topic of...

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