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Back to School Special

In the midst of a pandemic going back to school can be an endless pool of obstacles. Hosted by Sam Ashkenazy, and joined by guests Ruby Simon and Gavin...

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Parental Value

One's parents can be some of the most important people in shaping the rest of a person's life. In this episode, Phil Dembo, Bee Thomas, Juliet Lemar, and Sam...

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Free your mind and your ass will follow

Together, Life mentor Gary Chappell and host Dr. Bee Thomas dive into the topic of mindset and how it can affect ones everyday life.

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Life’s a Drag with (Laganja Estranja/Jay Jackson)

Jay Jackson-(Laganja Estranja) walks us through the steps of being a choreographer and drag queen in Los Angeles while sharing the ups and downs too.

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Pink Lady: Edition

Joined by Dr. Phil Dembo, Sam Ashkenazy, Juliet Lemar, and Dr. Bee, the Pink Lady discusses her philosophies of life and simply how to be the best and happiest...

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A Stripper, a Felon, and a Rapper walk into a podcast

Roqy Tyraid, Elle Stanger, and Jen Myers join Host Dr. Phil Dembo as they dive into the topic of Benign Bias.

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Featured Guests


Elle Stranger

Certified holistic sex educator, parent, & sex worker

Certified holistic sex educator, parent, and sex worker Elle Stanger has worked as a facilitator for therapy groups of sex workers, as a lobbyist for sex worker rights, and as a consultant for media on sex workers.


Jared Gruenwald


Professional photogragher who has been featured in the Huff Post for his project, : “Looking Thru the Lockdown Glass”

Jennifer Myers -1

Jennifer Myers

Former Inmate and Prison Activist

Former Inmate joins the conversation on “resetting” one’s life and understanding what steps we must take to make the “new” normal.


Roqy Tyraid

Rapper & Activist

Roqy Tyraid is a hip hop musician from Phoenix, Arizona. Though normally traveling abroad or knee-deep in lengthy recording sessions, he has recently found himself in the middle of a historic grassroots movement based in his own backyard.